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Beach Volleyball at Impact VBC

Impact VBC started their BEACH VOLLEYBALL program this summer in an effort to replace the indoor programming out of pure despiration to play after the initial shutdown of sports due to the Covid 19 pandemic.  We had no idea how much fun the girls and coaches would have playing Beach Volleyball.  We also didn't know how good the kids would get so quickly.

In our first season we had 2 teams compete in the same event and bring home the Gold.  Jaydon Golsteyn and Cali Conley played in 3 14 U events leading up to their 4th event this past weekend.  They final had an opportunity to compete in a 12 & under event in Oak Lawn, Il, a suburb of Chicago.  They took on a fierce team from the Michio Volleyball Club.  They finished the match with a huge win and a perfect 5-0 for the day.  It was the girls first Gold Medal for the Summer.

The Bickel Sisters, a 16 & Under Team played their first event at the Sideout Restuarant and Sports Bar in Island Lake, IL.  It was a hot 88 degree day in which only the strongest would survive.  In their first match they split with a savy team but you could see just a little inexperience show during the match.  However, their second match of the day they played a very experienced team with one spectacular athlete.  They played much smarter and relaxed against this opponenet and they swept the team from Chicago.  Their 3rd match of pool play was a breeze in which they dominated.  On to playoffs where they faced an amazing beach player from SPRI and a 6'-0" partner who could pound the ball  They dropped the first set 21-17 but they were in better physical condition then the other team.  This proved to be the difference and their desire and tenacity proved to be too much for this strong team.  This catapulted them into the Championship.  

The Championship was 1 game to 25.  They faced a very similar opponent.  However, the experience in the previous match helped them through the Championship match.  One of the girls on the team was a great player but her partner was starting to breakdown mentally as well as physically.  The Bickel sisters recognized this very quickly and capitalized on it by Sending nearly every ball over to the struggling athlete.  They took them down 25-20 for the CHAMPIONSHIP in their first ever Beach Volleyball Tournament.  They played again on Sunday and went undefeated to win their 2nd straight event.  The Bickel sister are not the biggest competitors on the Volleykidz EVP Tour but they have the biggest heart for sure!



Jaydon Golsteyn (12 U)

Cali Conley (11 U)



Ella Bickel (16 U)

Claire Bickel (15 U)

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