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Session #1

Ages: 14 & Younger (Middle Schoolers & Younger)


Date & Time TBA

Session #2

Ages: 15 & Older (High Schoolers)


Date & Time TBA

All sessions run by Club Director

Jay Golsteyn - 2019 MIVA Hall of Fame Member

Rustbusters are 2 hour clinics that will get you ready for Try-outs.  They are a great opportunity for players to work on sharpening their skills such as serving, passing, setting and hitting.

Each session will last 2 hours and incorporate some the competitive practice design we have at our practices.  This will help you understand the way we train and the competitive environment that breeds individual and team success.  

The cost is $20.00 per person. It is not only a great value but also an opportunity to work with some of the Impact VBC coaching staff and their training techniques.

Ages:  Elementary, Middle & High Schoolers

It is against IHSAA rules for HS players from different schools to work out together until their HS season is over.

jaydon serving
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If you wanna go from this to ................... this,

you gotta check out our Rustbuster Clinics!

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